Syllabi and Selected Course Materials

4. Syllabi and selected course materials (e.g. assignments, exams) used at Emerson that assist in the evaluation of teaching effectiveness.


VM 120 Foundations in Visual and Media Arts Production

VM 260 Introduction to Digital Media

VM 261 Computer Animation

VM363 Advanced Computer Animation

VM 364 3D Computer Gaming (New Course)

VM 470 Advanced New Media Projects (New Course)

VM 625 Computer Animation, Graduate

VM 626 Advanced Computer Animation, Graduate

Student Work

Jason Este, VM261 Computer Animation

Daniel Kwan, VM363 Advanced Computer Animation

Ross Norton, VM363 Advanced Computer Animation

Thomas Wilhelm, VM363 Advanced Computer Animation

Cody McCann, VM420 3D Computer Gaming

* Cody McCann, VM420 3D Computer Gaming

* Lance Houle, VM420 3D Computer Gaming

* Caitlin Lynch, VM420 3D Computer Gaming

* Tedd McKenney, VM420 3D Computer Gaming

* Kat Messing, VM420 3D Computer Gaming

Amanda_Newcomb, VM470 Advanced New Media Projects

Ross Norton, VM470 Advanced New Media Projects

* Kim Douglas, VM470 Advanced New Media Projects

Michael Botelho, VM626 Advanced Computer Animation, Graduate

Liyu Cao, VM698 Masters Project

* Evan Leek, VM698 Masters Project

* These file are games or artworks built in a game engine. If you click on the link, the file will be downloaded to your hard drive. Double click the file to launch the project. It is impossible to predict the performance or even if the project will run on your computer. If the project launches, but the performance is bad, quit and hold the option (Mac), alt (Windows) key down, double click the file and lower the settings. Quit the project by pressing Command + Q keys (Mac), Control Alt Delete (Windows).

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