Letter of Application


TO: Chair Jonathan Wacks, Department of Visual and Media Arts
Dean Daniel Tobin, School of the Arts
Development Promotion and Tenure Committee
Faculty Status Committee
Vice President Linda Moore, Academic Affairs
President Lee Pelton
Board of Trustees
FROM: John Craig Freeman, Associate Professor
DATE: September 15, 2012
SUBJECT: Application for Promotion to Full Professor

Dear Chair Wacks, Dean Tobin, Committee Members, Vice President Moore, President Pelton and Board of Trustees,

I am writing to submit my application for promotion to Full Professor in accordance with article Advancement from Associate Professor to Professor, of the Emerson College Faculty Handbook. Along with the accompanying support materials, it constitutes a comprehensive documentation of my activities since was awarded Tenure at Emerson as an Associate Professor in May of 2007. Although I printed out all of these materials, I encourage you to conduct the review online at https://johncraigfreeman.wordpress.com/john-craig-freeman-dossier-2012/, where you will have full access to links, high quality color images, video and external resources. The password is John Craig Freeman.

The support materials are organized into two bins. One contains original books, periodicals, catalogues, postcards and promotional materials. The other contains binders of documentation of achievement organized with the following headings according to article 9.1.1 Candidate Dossier.
1. Copy of the departmental review standards.
2. Current curriculum vitae.
3. A candidate statement providing a concise narrative that reflects, characterizes, contextualizes, and assesses the candidate’s teaching, scholarly/artistic/professional work, and service.
4. Syllabi and selected course materials (e.g. assignments, exams) used at Emerson that assist in the evaluation of teaching effectiveness.
5. Teaching observations.
6. All student written and numerical course evaluations.
7. Evidence of scholarly/creative/professional engagement (e.g. publications, conference papers, lectures, colloquia, internal and external grants, special awards and honors, works performed, produced, or exhibited, reviews).
8. Evidence of service contribution.
9. Other relevant material the candidate wishes to include.
10. Copies of prior annual appointment reviews and related correspondence.
11. Copies of prior candidate statements.
12. The candidate’s appointment document, excluding financial and related information.

The following is the timeline by which this application has and will adhere:

  • September, 2001: Appointed Associate Professor
  • September, 2005: Pre-tenure Leave
  • May, 2007: Tenured
  • January – May, 2012: Sabbatical Leave
  • June 1, 2012: Application for Promotion to Full Professor
  • May 2013: Decision Regarding Application for Promotion to Full Professor

I am pleased to have the opportunity to apply for Full Professor at Emerson College. I believe that my experience as an artist and educator makes me uniquely qualified for this important responsibility and commitment. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of those who will read these materials.

Return to John Craig Freeman: Dossier 2012


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