External Evaluator’s Letter


TO: External Evaluator
FROM: John Craig Freeman, Associate Professor
DATE: June 1, 2012
SUBJECT: Application for Promotion to Full Professor

Dear External Evaluator,

I am writing to ask you to review and assess my dossier in support of my application for promotion to Full Professor at Emerson College. Along with the accompanying support materials, it constitutes a comprehensive documentation of my activities since was awarded Tenure at Emerson as an Associate Professor in May of 2007. Although I can print out all of these materials upon request, I encourage you to conduct the review online at https://johncraigfreeman.wordpress.com/john-craig-freeman-dossier-2012/outside-reviewers/, where you will have full access to links, high quality color images, video and external resources. The password is John Craig Freeman.

The dossier includes the following:

  • Candidate Statement: Scholarship and Creative/Professional Work
  • Scholarly/Creative/Professional Engagement
  • Other Relevant Material
  • Curriculum Vitae

I am pleased to have the opportunity to apply for Full Professor at Emerson College. I believe that my experience as an artist and educator makes me uniquely qualified for this important responsibility and commitment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for reviewing these materials.

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