Franklin Furnace Fund Application

EEG AR: Things We Have Lost

By John Craig Freeman

EEG AR: Things We Have Lost, will allow participants to conjure up virtual objects by simply imagining them into existence using brainwave sensor technology.

For more please visit the “EEG AR: Things We Have Lost” website.

Supplementary Materials


2 reviews of previous work/press

Art At The Cusp: Manifest.AR

Stephen Persing, Big Red and Shiny, 2013


If you listen to certain voices you will be told that art is irrelevant; that it is not required to succeed in life; that there are better, more profitable things to do. If you are involved in any sociopolitical issue—which means you have a pulse—you know the lie of this alleged wisdom. Making a point requires conjuring images, visual and verbal. Any politician must be an artist; logic alone is not enough. Everyone who stands for something is a politician in this sense. An artist begins where listening to certain voices ends.

Read the full article.


v13b, with introductory essay by Conrad Gleber and critical essays by Mimi Sheller and Meredith Hoy, College Art Association, 2013


AR2View is an exhibition catalog that brings together a collection of Augmented Reality (AR) artworks from nineteen media artists and two essay articles that review the field and the work inside produced for and distributed at the CAA’s 2013 Annual Conference in New York. Unlike most catalogs, the pages link to media artwork wherever you and the catalog happen to be.

Download AR2View.


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